Ever wondered if your product or service would sell in other countries?

Have you ever wondered what it would mean to try to sell your products or services in a different geography? What cultural differences there are? What the market looks like? What costs are involved in trialing abroad? vendosolutions focuses heavily on helping companies answer these questions. We allow easy trials, we offer an established network and networking skills, and we allow our partners to focus on what they do best – and what they, quite frankly, get the most joy out of (perfecting their product or solution).


Let me give you some examples of what I mean.


When a friend of mine here in Austria asked me whether I would help him sell his product, I didn’t hesitate. Of course, I would be glad to help, I said. This is what I do, after all – sell, that is. He then went on to explain, that he and his brother had come up with a great solution for the global law enforcement community. We agreed on terms and I began the work of finding the right contacts in Sheriff’s Offices and Police Departments across the US. Tens of thousands of names, ranks, email addresses etc. later, the software is due to be launched in a few weeks and then off we go.


Another good example is an American start-up I partner with. They are extremely innovative in the digital gift giving space, having landed some large retailers in the US for their solution. When the CPO reached out to me about entering the European markets, I was intrigued. The work here consists of

  •  opening doors to European retail, mainly in the German-speaking markets and the UK,
  • selling the solution in emails, calls and face to face, and
  • negotiating terms for the various contracts.

After reaching out to nearly 400 companies, sending out who knows how many emails and tracking down decision makers in 15 countries, we are now looking to jointly close the first clients in Europe.


Lastly, there is the example of an established technology solution provider in the UK who wanted to partner up to outsource some of the pain of the sales work. The solution touches banks, card issuers, and retail. To them, partnering meant being able to concentrate on the product – its development and refinement. They were looking for a partner that would allow them to focus. The work has led to dozens of calls and meetings with companies as far away (from Europe) as India, Uruguay or Singapore.


Additional partners are start-ups in cutting-edge data analytics, card personalisation, telematics, gamification, and social entrepreneurship. The longer-established, non-start-up company partners range from card processing, card production, video production, loyalty, logistics to internet payment service providers. These are usually interested in the client network and “doors opened” for them, while the start-ups usually want more than just that.


The common threads are the experience in dealing with international companies, an established network in the retail, financial, online and municipal space as well as the ability to really dig into how a company should sell in various geographies. Involvement ranges from work on the sales materials only to selling/presenting/pitching on behalf of partners. Anything in-between is also possible.


So, if you need someone to roll up their sleeves and do some good, old-fashioned sales work

  • in a market that is unfamiliar to you
  • to tap into an existing network that would otherwise need time to build
  • and to let you focus on what you do best

reach out to see how easy it is to get started.


All the best



e: juergen.stichenwirth@vendosolutions.com

m: +43 664 1171108


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