The advantages of Europe's best card programs in your own remit

As the only independent Gift Card consultancy in the German-speaking markets and in Central Europe, we support clients in finding the right partner companies with respect to Gift Card sales channels, innovative design and packaging elements, digital transformation as well as international best practices. Thanks to experience in Europe and the US, we offer retailers all the benefits of Europe's leading card programs, right here in their own stores (bricks and mortar and online).

Get more out of your gift card

Whether you have an existing gift card program or are thinking about starting one, we are here to help you find the optimal solution across a variety of options.

Imagine a Gift Card program that...

...optimally complements your brand image

...brings joy to both your customers and your employees

...and therefore really enhances customer loyalty.

Our Retailers can relax and focus on what they do best - and still get a great gift card!

Focus on the Gift Card

Gift Cards are the product with the highest margin in retail and must be treated as such.


Growing Gift Card sales

Aligning with best practices

keeping up with market innovation

using all viable sales channels

Your Advantages:

  • Get an independent assessment of the possible incremental growth lurking in your Gift Card program
  • Each step is accompanied by an ROI calculation and a comparison with known results in your industry or country (or both)
  • We are constantly scanning the markets for new and effective Gift Card features so that you won't have to. This makes your Gift Card program future-proof, allowing you to be ahead of the curve vs. your competition.


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