We strive to make our partner companies look so good in front of investors and customers that they refer (to) us as their partner of choice for sales-related opportunities.



Juergen Stichenwirth

Managing Director



The appropriate phrasing of an elevator pitch is at the heart of our sales efforts. We take our time and find the key points that need to be addressed.


We  don't want to be confused with a lead generation company or a call center making thousands of calls a day. Our approach is more focused, tailored to the individual target customer. 


We want to become part of your sales team - in every way.


People today are tired of generic approaches. We put together an in-language sales plan that makes its recipients feel like they are being spoken to. We want to create a reaction by making the reader curious, willing to respond.


Once they respond, we engage them on behalf of our partners, introducing their products and services to the customer, using our experience and intercultural sales background. 






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e: office@vendosolutions.com

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