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Leverage the Red Bull Wingfinder training to uncover Self-Leadership


vendosolutions is certified as one of only five Red Bull Wingfinder training providers in the world. This premier self-leadership assessment tool has been recognized as such in scientific journals, the media and leadership textbooks. It was developed with an expert team of psychometricians and psychology professors from University College London and Columbia University, New York. Data was analyzed to find the personality factors that most influence employability (the ability to gain and retain employment) and success (income, promotions, responsibilities, total time employed, performance ratings, etc.) in knowledge-based roles.


For the first time ever, Red Bull Wingfinder intellectual property is very selectively being made available, focusing on how to learn from world-class athletes as they perform at their best through Self-Leadership. 


vendosolutions helps individuals and teams in corporations achieve high-performance at work.

We have coached and trained over a thousand persons from hundreds of different companies, and across all walks of life. The thought that we have had a positive impact on their confidence level, their successes or their ability to convince others of their ideas is what keeps 3-skills.com going strong.



All coaching sessions can be held in either English or German. Not only that, but you can be sure that the subtle nuances of the two languages will be captured. Over 25 years of working in both languages across a number of geographies ensures that you achieve the best possible results.


Don't settle for anything less!

What our clients are saying about us

"Juergen's sales methodology and his suggestions eclipsed any other business consulting we had previously received. This was particularly helpful in our sales meetings but also when pitching our idea to investors!"

-- Karin Kuranda, Founder of Endlos Fesch, the Fashion Library




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