At vendosolutions, we are adept at supporting the sales efforts of our partners in a variety of areas:


  1. For companies who want native-language support in reaching out to prospects, but still want to handle the follow-up themselves, we offer our Reach-out package.
  2. For companies that are looking for professional support in finding, attracting, following-up on, and closing deals with prospects – in their own geography or abroad, we offer our Professional package.
  3. For companies that are interested in setting up their own sales presence in the German-speaking countries, but want to minimize the opportunity cost of a delayed sales start, we offer our Market Entry package.


Since we are well-versed both in the “real life” side of sales, as well as having a background in training / coaching / mentoring sales, working with thousands of individuals from all walks of (business) life, we can offer tailored sales support.

Reach-out package

The Reach-out package is designed to allow your company to “dip your toes” into sales in a new geography or in a new industry. It is an easy way to better understand how your product or solution will be accepted.


In this model, your company receives exclusive access to the vendosolutions network. We hand-pick from thousands of decision-makers that best fit into the profile that is being targeted. We prepare in-language, situational and personalized outreaches.


Once we receive an answer from a person that we reached out to, we pass this information on to you and your team takes up the conversation with the prospect.

Professional package

 We take your product or solution and put it in front of our network of decision makers around the world. We roll up for you and go out and close new customers for you.


We find them, contact them, convince them and take meeting after meeting until we are sure that they are right for you. Only when we need  to go deeper into the technology than we can, do we bring you into the conversation. This ensures that you only meet with qualified customers who are interested and potentially have a budget. Our strength is in the actual doing.


We immerse ourselves in a product / solution and sell it. This means quicker scaling and stronger cash flow.

Market entry package


The Market Entry Package is an extension of the Professional Package and is offered to companies that want to quickly and safely set up their own sales team in the German-speaking market. 


Doing this takes time, for recruitment, onboarding and training. We help with the HR processes and, at the same time, immediately begin to sell your products / solutions in the focus markets. That way you don't have to wait 8-10 months for revenue to be generated by the new hires, and when your sales team is on board, they hit the ground running.


In our experience, the Market Entry Package saves approximately 6-8 months of otherwise foregone revenue.


Solving the customer's problem lies at the core of all sales. The passion for finding just the right wording, just the right approach is what drives us in helping our clients succeed.


Our passion for sales complements your passion for developing your products and solutions.


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